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  • FDA-Approved and HIPAA Compliant
and HIPAA Compliant
  • Step 1 - Order Your Test

    Select and order one of our FDA approved tests online. You'll receive an order confirmation with all the information you need to take your blood test.

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  • Step 2 - Get Tested

    Go to one of our FDA approved laboratories to take your blood test. Be sure to bring the confirmation form with you to the clinic!

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Take control of your sexual health.

Getting tested for STDs is one of the most important things you can do for your partners, your community, and yourself. When you take control of your sexual health, you’re making sure that you and the people in your life are protected and safe. At, we know how important it is to get tested, so we’ve made the testing process simple, affordable, and discreet. Our FDA approved labs are nationally recognized, offering you the best in service and the latest in medicine. Our labs are located all over the country, so you’re never far from the testing you need. Our encrypted service ensures that no one sees your results except for you. At STDClinic, we make sure you get all the information you need -- simply, affordably, and with the utmost privacy.

Protect your community by getting tested for STDs to take control of your sexual health.

  • Quick Testing

    All testing takes a few minutes. Whether urine or blood tests, you’ll be in and out of the lab, fast.

  • The Lowest Prices

    Our prices are among the most affordable in the marketplace. We’re committed to quality service and low prices to lower the rates of STDs.

  • No Insurance Necessary

    We don't require insurance or a doctor’s referral before you come to us. Whe you order and STD test, we take care of the rest.

  • Fast Results

    After you’ve been tested, you’ll receive your results online within 24-72 hours.

  • Panels make it easy

    Our test panels make it simple to get tested for multiple STDs at once, saving you time and money.

  • Privacy Guaranteed

    We encrypt, secure, and privatize all of your information, so no one sees the results of your lab test except for you.

Get Tested
Wherever You Are

As there are thousands of locations across the country, you can pick whichever is easiest for you.

Our labs are used by doctors and hospitals nationwide, and all are FDA and CLIA approved.

Simple enter your zip code to use our lab locator tool and find the lab nearest you. To select your lab and order your STD tests, find and click the location on the map.

Please note: STD Test Center's do not accept payment. You must submit your order, either online or by phone, prior to visiting a Test Center.

10 Reasons Why To Choose STDClinic

  • Fast, Simple test process

    Getting tested for STDS can sometimes seem difficult, and even scary. At, we make it easy and simple for you to get tested and in control of your sexual health.

  • Comprehensive panels

    STDClinic’s 10-test panels make it easy for you to get tested for multiple STDs at once. Our 10 test panel makes sure you’re in the clear all in one lab visit.

  • Get your results ASAP

    Skip the anxiety! When you test with STDClinic, your results will be available within 48-72 hours.

  • Privacy

    Your security is of the utmost importance. All information on STDClinic is encrypted and secure, so no one will know your information other than you.

  • Testing locations

    Our labs are located in more than 2,500 locations across the USA, so you’re never far from the testing you need.

  • FDA approved testing

    Know your in safe hands with FDA approved Labs used by doctors and clinicians across the USA.

  • CLIA approved labs

    Our labs are all approved by CLIA standards, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments that ensure the quality of all lab testing in the USA.

  • Multiple payment options

    Need to pay with Paypal? Money orders? Prepaid debit cards? STDClinic makes it easy for you to purchase a test.

  • Pricing

    STDClinic is committed to affordability. We sell tests at some of the lowest prices available on the market. Plus, our 10-test panel discounts makes it easy to get multiple tests for a great price.

  • HIV RNA testing

    We offer RNA testing for HIV if you feel you need it. RNA detection can detect HIV early on in the blood.

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