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All About Herpes: Get Educated before your Herpes Test

by Marissa Lynch

Take charge of your sexual health with STDClinic’s discreet Oral Herpes test. Read on to learn more about Oral Herpes symptoms, testing, and treatment.

Oral Herpes Overview

Colloquially known as ‘cold sores,’ oral herpes is a virus that manifests in open sores over the face. An estimated 80% of Americans are infected with Oral Herpes. Some herpes manifest into genital warts. Get an Oral Herpes test kit at

When the herpes simplex virus HSV-1 enters the human body through the mouth, it becomes Oral Herpes. After entering the skin, it seeps into human cells and infects the body. Depending on various factors like genetics and immunity, the symptoms may or may not show up.

Some 80% of the world is infected with oral herpes.

How do you contract Oral Herpes?

Oral herpes is easy to contract. You can get oral herpes by coming into contact with an open herpes sore, or by touching the saliva or skin around the mouth of someone infected with the virus

It’s important for you and your sexual partners to routinely check for STIs just to be safe.


Not everyone who is infected with Herpes will have symptoms. When you are infected with herpes, you’re likely to have occasional flare-ups over time.

  • Tingles and burning sensation in the mouth area
  • Ulcers around the mouth
  • Painful sores
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Body pain
  • Swollen lymph

When to Check

If you’re experiencing oral ulcers or mouth flare-ups, it’s a good idea to get tested for oral herpes

NOTE: If you suspect you may have an STI, it is highly recommended that you stop having sex until you’ve recieved medical advice. Doing so ensures you and any potential partners lessen the risk of spreading disease.

Preparation for Testing

The Herpes test is a standard blood test, and doesn’t require any special preparation before testing.

  • 1. Schedule

    Select and order your test online. You'll receive an order confirmation with all the information you need to take your blood test.

  • 2. Get Tested

    Go to the clinic nearest you and take your blood test. Be sure to bring the confirmation email with you to the clinic!

  • 3. Results

    Receive your results on

Know Your Treatments

  • There is no vaccine to treat herpes, but there are antiviral medications that can help temper symptoms. Speak to your doctor about the method of preventative care and treatment that is best for you.
  • To learn more, speak to your doctor to get personalized information about your diagnosis. With your test results, you’re one step closer to making informed decisions about your sexual health.
  • Be sure to retest one month after starting treatment to be sure you are free of the infection. You and your partner are recommended not to engage in sexual relations until you’ve finished your prescription.
  • Take control of your sexual health.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an STD?

An STD, or sexually transmitted disease, is an infection that is primarily transmitted through sexual fluids during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Sometimes, STDs are referred to as “venereal diseases.” Many STDs can be cured when they are properly diagnosed. Get tested for STDs at

How can I know if I have an STD?

Since some STDs are asymptomatic, the only way to really know if you have an STD is to get tested. Order your STD test online here.

What are STD symptoms?

Some typical STD symptoms include bumps, redness, and swelling around the genital area, but each STD has different symptoms- and some show no symptoms at all. Get tested to be sure about your sexual health status.

How does work?

STDClinic makes it easy to get discreet, fast STD blood and urine test results. First, select and purchase the test you want. Then, download your proof of purchase form- also called a “requisition form”- and bring it to the clinic. Take your test at the clinic nearest you. Afterwards, see your results online.

How does it work?

To use, order the test panel you would like to take from our homepage. From there, you can check out. Once payment is received and you are registered, you will be given a requisition form on your “My Orders” tab to download. Print this form and take it to a clinic near you. You can find the clinics close to you with our lab locator tool. Take the test at the clinic. Your results will be available on within 24-48 hours.

Is Herpes curable?

There is no cure for Herpes. However, there are antiviral creams and dedicates that can shorten outbreaks. Speak to your doctor about the course of treatment that is best for you. Herpes can be tested with a simple blood test, or identified by a qualified doctor.
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Medically reviewed by Zion Ben Refael, MD on April 1st, 2021.


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