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01 December 2021

Know your Herpes: What’s the difference between HSV-1, HSV-2

Did your test come up positive for Herpes? Have no fear: this super-common STD is easy to live with when you know what you’re dealing with.

01 December 2021

5 Surprising STD Facts in 2021: What nobody told you.

Although you might have come across the term — STDs from an early age. But how much do you know about these life-threatening infections?

29 November 2021

STD Costs for the 10 Most Common STI's

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. has a sexually transmitted infection (STI)*. Yet, most of these infections go unnoticed because they don’t cause any specific symptoms.

16 November 2021

Trichomoniasis STD - Transmission, Symptoms, Testing & Prevention

Trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you are wondering ‘what is trichinosis STD’, find out how this disease manifests itself, how you can get diagnosed, and what treatment options are available.

07 November 2021

Chlamydia and Oral Sex: What You Should Know


Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs and it spreads very easily. Although it is widely believed that oral sex is much safer than vaginal sex, it is actually how chlamydia is spread the most. You have to protect yourself and your partners from getting infected with chlamydia by using appropriate protection during any form of oral sex.

05 October 2021

Syphilis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Syphilis was a major health threat decades ago, before the invention of antibiotics. Although nowadays there is an effective treatment for syphilis, the disease continues to maintain its highly contagious character. Find out more about syphilis, the symptoms correlated to each stage of this disease, and how you can prevent and treat it.

05 October 2021

Art, Life, and HIV


Celebrities, Artists, and Institutions making art about life with an HIV diagnosis.

It was an iconic moment: Princess Diana holding hands with an AIDS patient in England, breaking the stigma that it was unsafe to touch people with symptoms of HIV/AIDS. The Princess’s moment of kindness is not the only iconic moment to come out of the long journey with HIV/AIDS.

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